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Wallasey-Beaumaris Open Garden near Beechworth

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14 - 15 Apr 2018

This is an opportunity to explore a renewed, but historic garden near Beechworth. There has been a garden here from the 1860s when gold seekers took up land. Shrubs of sweetbriar roses still flower near the garden - in which stands a miner’s cottage. An old French perry pear, a towering specimen of Photinia beauverdiana var. notabilis, venerable loquat Eriobotrya japonica and mulberry Morus nigra are among the garden’s original assets.

These, and later planting of the swamp titi or he-huckleberry, a species endemic in the Carolinas – are among the garden’s unusual trees and shrubs.

The garden was variously cultivated and neglected for stretches before being refurbished from the 1970s. It now extends across the foot of a hill and features spectacular examples of narrow-leaf peppermint Eucalyptus radiata and grey box E. microcarpa. There are stands of naturally-occurring Blakely’s red gum E. blakelyi and a diversity of planted oaks, Acer species, tulip tree Liriodendron and Spanish chestnut Castagna.

Forms of Japanese barberry look magnificent in autumn - along with the leaves of numerous deciduous trees. A new orchard of 40 heritage and new varieties of apple, quince, pear, peach, cherry and citrus was planted from 2014.

Content: Victorian Open Gardens Scheme Incorporated, trading as Open Gardens Victoria

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