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To Hive or Not - Hobby Beekeeping Workshop with Beechworth Honey

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1 Apr 2017

To Hive or Not - Hobby Beekeeping Workshop with Beechworth Honey

Learn how to become a hobby beekeeper with Beechworth Honey, as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2017.

Are you interested in hobby beekeeping? Celebrating their love of bees, Beechworth Honey presents this exciting opportunity to learn from a beekeeper in-field and discover the inner workings of a honeybee hive, what beekeeping equipment you will require, and how to use it to produce your very own honey, just 'bee-cause'.

Beechworth Honey is passionate about helping save Australia’s honeybees – these amazing creatures pollinate two-thirds of Australia's agricultural produce and fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but, they are under threat.

As part of their Bee Cause, Beechworth Honey encourage you to learn how to become a hobby beekeeper in their in-depth, hands-on beekeeping class. Light up the smoker and open up a live beehive in-field as you learn from an experienced beekeeper all about managing honeybees, collecting and bottling your very own honey and how honeybees ensure your gardens, fruit and vegetable patches flourish.

Light lunch, transportation and detailed notes included.

Important - please note dress code and special requirements as published on event ticketing page.

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Please note: this event is for adult guests only (18 years or older).

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