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Visit the Off-Grid Living Festival - Eldorado - a day to celebrate and investigate off-grid living.

For just one glorious day Centennial Park in Eldorado will be transformed into a melting pot of intriguing delights to see, touch, taste, share and enjoy. This will be a unique and vibrant festival displaying the best of off-grid living and sustainable lifestyles. With traditional crafts and tool demonstrations, interesting talks and workshops, latest sustainable technologies, new alternative living ideas, delicious off-grid food stalls, unplugged entertainment and fun hands-on play space for the kids (and the big kids too).

Whether you are somebody who wants to sell everything you own and live in the bush, upgrade your house to solar, buy a farm and become self-sufficient, downscale to a low-impact lifestyle, learn new handcrafts and specialty skills, grow your own food, reconnect with nature, build a natural home, quench your curiosity about off-grid living or simply have a fun day out with the whole family – there is something at the festival for you.

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