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Yin Yang Seasonal Series: Winter (Yoga Workshop)

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9 Jul 2017

Emily Rose Yoga is running a Yin Yang Seasonal Series: Winter workshop in Bright on Sunday 9 July.

In Taoism each season relates to one of the elements and organs within the body. Winter in the most Yin of the seasons and relates to Water and the Kidneys. Winter is time for turning attention inwards, resting and nourishing the basic and fundamental energy (which in TCM is believed to be stored in the kidneys), our Jing. A variety of movement, breath and meditation practices will aim to assist this slower, inward energetic shift.

The Yang portion of the workshop will be a very gentle, slow mindful flow focussed on more Yin, fluid, grounded movements. Yin yoga is a more passive, slower form of yoga where students are invited to take a particular shape, become still and then stay a while. The Yin sequence will aim to also stimulate the Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridian channels encouraging the flow of healthy chi through the body.


Price & booking


Type Entry cost
$35 booked online. $40 on the day.
$35.00 - $40.00

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