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Get yourself primed for the new Transmoto 8-Hour Enduro event coming to the Bright and surrounds on April 28 to 29, 2018.

The Transmoto 8-Hour is a unique, team-based dirt-bike event that’s somewhere between a recreational trailbike rally and an enduro race. It is a shorter, punchier, less challenging version of the notorious Transmoto 12-Hour, which has been running since 2011, but still caters to riders of all levels. And, in keeping with the 12-Hour’s successful recipe, the 8-Hour focuses on fun-factor rather than officialdom.

So save the dates, round up your mates, dust off the camping gear, and put the wheels in motion for the roadtrip of a lifetime to one of the most picturesque private property locations in Rosewhite near Bright, Victoria, where you will find custom-built tracks, a relaxed atmosphere and good times.

Have you never done a Transmoto Enduro Event before? Check out the YouTube highlights from the last event of 2017 in Dargo, Victoria.

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