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Exit the King

03 5762 1749

7 - 9 Apr 2017

LUEY Inc presents 'Exit the King' by Eugene Ionesco in 1962. It is an absurdist comedy about the decline and death of King Berenger and the descent of his court and Kingdom, and indeed the world, into chaos.

The heaters aren't working, the sun won't rise, the throne room is filthy and there's a huge crack opening up in the wall. Queen Margueritte is preparing for the inevitable but Queen Marie refuses to accept that the time has come. The signs that the King is dying are unmistakable, the kingdom is collapsing but Berenger refuses to acknowledge this.

With a cast made up of locals, and in conjunction with the Benalla Wall-to-Wall Festival, this is one play that everyone should try to see.

Content: Benalla Visitor Information Centre

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Not recommended for children under 12 years. Tickets available online and the Visitor Information Centre

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