Beechworth Gallery, High Country, Victoria, Australia
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Art & culture

Fine art, petrol pumps through the ages, the history of bushrangers and cattlemen – High Country is home to numerous museums and art galleries where visitors can discover the history and artistic heritage of the region.

Visit the renowned Benalla Regional Art Gallery, where Sidney Nolan's famous 'Glenrowan' tapestry hangs, or view the work of local artists at commercial galleries and cooperatives, where you can purchase an artwork to hang in your home.

Discover local aboriginal heritage, gold rush history and the legends of cattlemen and bushrangers such as Ned Kelly and Harry Power in local museums.

Spiritus Art and Craft Gallery, High Country, Victoria, Australia

Art Galleries

Visit the Benalla Regional Art Gallery, one of Victoria's most important regional galleries featuring an internationally recognised collection.

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Beechworth Historic and Cultural Precinct, High Country, Victoria, Australia


Visit museums in the High Country region and see fascinating relics and exhibits that tell the stories of famous, infamous and ordinary folk alike.

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