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You will not be disappointed if you take time and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the well defined paths and raised walkways to observe nature doing its thing on the Yea River flood plain, at Yea Wetlands.

In doing so you will have the opportunity to see Platypus, Rakali (native water rats), Sacred King Fisher, Koala, Sugar Glider or, if you are visiting at the right time, maybe an opportunity to see the rare and ancient damselfy, Hemiphlebia mirabilis, described in scientific journals as a 'living fossil'.

You can also walk the Time Path and discover the world's oldest land based vascular plant fossil the Heritage listed, Baragwanthia Flora Fossil discovered within five kilometres of the wetlands.

Walk the Franklin Track and discover little known information about the Taungurung Clan, the Aboriginal community that lived in this area prior to European settlement. Learn about their people, their history, food culture and relationship with the environment.

The new Y Water Discovery Centre on the corner of Hood and High Street is now one year old ...and is a must see attraction. You can even sit on the deck over looking the wetlands, relax and listen to mother nature's chorus. The striking architecture, accredited Visitor Information services and hands-on Interpretive Centre are located at the entry to the wetlands.

The interpretive displays draw attention to this region's most valued, yet misunderstood export - water - and all the life dependent on it. Water is Murrindindi Shire's most valuable export.

The Centre aims to inform more people about that precious, yet controversial water resource as well as the birds, and animals that form part of the important ecology of the disappearing wetlands.

A leisurely 45 to 60 minute stroll through the Yea Wetlands simply is a must.

Content: Yea Wetlands Committee of Management

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