Alpine National Park, High Country, Victoria, Australia
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National parks & reserves

The national parks and reserves of High Country protect some of the most spectacular natural areas in the state.

Alpine National Park is the largest, with some of Australia's most outstanding alpine landscapes, rocky escarpments, snow gum woodlands, alpine plains and Victoria's highest and best-known peaks including Mount Feathertop and Mount Bogong.

The rugged plateau of Mount Buffalo is Victoria's oldest national park and is famous for its massive granite tors, plunging waterfalls and cliff-top views.

Other parks offer the opportunity to explore the original Box Ironbark forests and many historic sites that reveal the region's gold rush and early pioneering past.

Razorback and Mount Feathertop, Alpine National Park, High Country, Victoria, Australia

Alpine National Park

Lose yourself in spectacular mountain landscapes, wild rivers, impressive escarpments, snow gum forests and wide open grasslands known as high plains.

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Mount Buffalo National Park

Mount Buffalo National Park

Mount Buffalo National Park has sheer cliffs, imposing granite tors, tumbling waterfalls, snow gums and stunning wildflowers. The park features over...

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Generic image - Beechworth

Beechworth Historic Park

People visit Beechworth for the natural beauty of the forests and ranges as well as the historical architecture of the town. It claims to be the best...

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Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park

Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park

The two mountains in this park provide excellent and diverse adventures for bushwalkers, campers, climbers, four-wheel drive enthusiasts,...

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Cathedral Range National Park

Cathedral Range State Park

The Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges region is home to some of Victoria's most impressive tall forests. Once logged to make masts for ships, the...

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Chiltern-Mount Pilot Nat Park

Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park

Located between Beechworth and the low hills surrounding Chiltern, Chiltern-Mt Pilot Park includes the striking Mt Pilot Range and Woolshed Falls and...

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Howqua Hills

Howqua Hills Historic Area

This old gold mining area on the Howqua River is set in a beautiful, secluded valley, once busy with gold miners but now popular for picnics, horse...

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Mount Samaria National Park

Mount Samaria State Park

Set in tall, shady eucalypt forest, Mount Samaria State Park offers a cool and quiet retreat for beautiful walks, camping and picnicking. The Mount...

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Reef Hills Park

Reef Hills State Park

A haven for wildlife and native vegetation, Reef Hills State Park near Benalla is a great spot for a picnic, scenic drive, bushwalk, bike ride or...

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Warby Range State Park

Warby-Ovens National Park

Warby-Ovens National Park is 240km north east of Melbourne and 10km west of Wangaratta. It is best accessed from Wangaratta via Wangandary and...

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