Hang-gliding in Myrtleford, High Country, Victoria, Australia
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Skydiving & hang gliding

Enjoy the thrill of a lifetime on a hang-gliding or skydiving trip in the High Country. Take in stunning views of the High Country including the Strathbogie Ranges and Mount Buffalo.

Test your mettle by signing up for a parachute jump and experience the rush of adrenaline and spectacular aerial views of Victoria's High Country at 220 kilometres an hour.

With some of the best weather and scenery for skydiving, the sleepy town of Euroa, nestled amongst the Strathbogie foothills, is one of Victoria's favourite skydiving destinations. With services catering for everyone, from beginners to veterans, and the best safety record in the state, why not make a day of it and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime.

Mount Buffalo provides a spectacular platform for hang-gliding. Ask a local adventure operator to show you how to launch yourself off the rim of The Gorge and take advantage of the up-draft air currents, like the local population of eagles.

The airfield at Porepunkah near Bright offers powered hang-gliding, ultralight flying and scenic light aircraft flights. If you are serious about gliding, the instructors at Bright and Porepunkah offer full certificate courses in addition to introductory flights. Alternatively, Australia's largest gliding centre, The Gliding Club of Victoria, is based at Benalla Airport and takes visitors on joy flights.

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