Lake Eildon, High Country, Victoria, Australia
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Fishing in Lake Eildon & surrounds

The Lake Eildon region encompasses Australia's fastest growing and most exciting freshwater sport fisheries. In its rivers and lakes, anglers can find brown and rainbow trout, redfin, golden perch, and our most prized native fish, the Murray cod. 

Just over one hour's drive from Melbourne, the Taggerty, Acheron, Rubicon and Steavenson rivers provide a healthy environment for the region's brown trout population. These rivers, as well as Lake Eildon, flow through to the Goulburn River, which supports Victoria's most popular trout fishery and where both brown and rainbow trout abound. As the river has cool water year-round, the trout fishing is superb even in the hot summer months. Access to the river is excellent with numerous bridge points and parallel road access and fishing guides service the area well.

In recent years, Lake Eildon has run an impressive stocking program that now produces consistent catches year-round. From the bank or the boat, rainbow and brown trout over the magic ten pound mark are being caught. Murray cod have also been introduced in this stocking program, and cod from two to thirty kilograms are being caught in the warmer months. The revival of this great sport fish has been one of Lake Eildon's great success stories, as has the introduction of golden perch.

Producing trout to seven kilograms each year, Eildon Pondage is another gold medal fishery in the area, as are the streams of the nearby high country. The region's attractions also extend to the inflowing rivers of this massive impoundment: the Upper Goulburn, Delatite, Big, Howqua and Jamieson. These rivers are among Victoria's best trout fisheries and now hold both brown and rainbow trout.

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