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  • 1806, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    From the mirrored tiles and velvet curtains to the gleaming chandeliers and historic drinking paraphernalia, 1806 is a loving shrine to the cocktail.

  • Berlin Bar, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Berlin Bar

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Choose a side in this hard-to-find bar divided to represent East and West Berlin: spartan and functional or chintzy jazz age kitsch. You decide.

  • City Wine Shop, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    City Wine Shop

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Indulge in a tipple and bite to eat among the treasure trove of bottled delights, a favourite haunt for wine connoisseurs at the top end of town.

  • Goldilocks Bar, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Goldilocks Bar

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Discover the wonder and excitement of fairy tales over classic cocktails and service and a vibe that are just right, at this upstairs and rooftop bar.

  • Mesa Verde, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Mesa Verde

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Play your part in this ode to the Latin American cantina and sample a blistering array of tequilas and Mesoamerican-inspired cocktails and bar fare.

  • New Gold Mountain, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    New Gold Mountain

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Take a measure of 1920s Hong Kong glamour, mix with two parts opium den, shake it all up, and you get this very decadent boudoir-like laneway bar.

  • Rooftop Bar, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Rooftop Bar

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Take in jaw-dropping views of the CBD skyline at Rooftop Bar, set seven storeys atop the popular Curtin House.

  • Section 8, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Section 8

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    So much more than two shipping containers in a car park, Section 8 is where Melburnians go for unpretentious drinks and delectable audio offerings.

  • Siglo, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Climb the grand staircase to a place of beautiful wines, international beers and late-night snacks - all with views of grand, floodlit architecture.

  • The Croft Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    The Croft Institute

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Launched when hidden laneway bars where still hard to find, the Croft offers a clinical approach to partying, kitted out like an eerie hospital.