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  • Books for Cooks, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

    Books For Cooks


    Stock up on culinary literature from the Books For Cooks larder and discover instant cred and speedy service when you start reading at a city eatery.

  • Artisan Books, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Artisan Books


    Park yourself somewhere conspicuous after buying up big in Artisan Books; you'll want all eyes on the stunning art, craft or design title you picked.

  • Tarlo & Graham, Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Image copyright Tarlo & Grahram.

    Tarlo & Graham


    If you love eccentric antiques, vintage bits and industrial design, quench your curiosity here.

  • Little Salon, Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Gertrude Street, Fitzroy


    Find bars, restaurants, galleries, boutiques, vintage wares, costume hire and old-school pubs − in just one strip. Shop beauty, textiles and books.

  • Books for Cooks

    Books for Cooks

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Buy your gifts here and be invited to dinner parties from now to eternity. There's enough kitchen literature here to make your eyeballs' mouths water.

  • Spacecraft, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Glimpse into the creative mind of printmaker, Stewart Russell, and brighten up your home with works fusing the traditional with the contemporary.

  • Alice Edgeley, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Alice Edgeley

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Peruse the biannual collections, buy off the rack or commission custom pieces from Alice Edgeley, a designer with a passion for daily sartorial finesse....

  • ESS Laboratory, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

    ESS Laboratory

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Expect unorthodox cuts, unexpected cuts and forms, and unisex outfits of rare beauty from the Melbourne-based Japanese design duo behind ESS Laboratory....

  • Little Salon, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

    Little Salon

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Shop for little hand-made accessories, jewellery, artwork, homewares and fashion that's just the right side of adorable. Think brooches and cushions.

  • Smart Alec Hatters, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Smart Alec Hatters

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Join the ranks of discerning gentlemen who know that a jaunty outfit is not complete without a well-fitting hat snapped up from Smart Alec's experts.