Shopping: Gertrude Street

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  • The Signet Bureau, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

    The Signet Bureau

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Admire this striking gallery space with its web of steel trusses and fine hooks from which vibrant clothing and shoe designs hang, bringing it to life....

  • Northside Records, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

    Northside Records

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Head northside to this purveyor of new and secondhand music for vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, books, DJ equipment and phonic rarities especially imported.

  • Rose Chong, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Rose Chong Costume Hire

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Step inside the hallowed confines, shed your old skin and let Rose Chong's learned and enthusiastic staff transform you into a showstopper.

  • Tarlo & Graham, Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Image copyright Tarlo & Grahram.

    Tarlo & Graham

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    If you love eccentric antique objects, vintage bits and industrial design, you simply can't pass this souped up curiosity shop by.

  • Third Drawer Down, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

    Third Drawer Down

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Browse the drawers for artful oddities - limited-edition teatowel art, decal sets, hard-to-find journals and objects - at amazingly affordable prices.

  • Pickings and Parry, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Pickings and Parry

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Hit Pickings and Parry for the very best in vintage/traditional working mens' attire and book your place on the original barber's chairs out back.

  • Books for Cooks

    Books for Cooks

    Attraction - Fitzroy, Melbourne

    Buy your gifts here and be invited to dinner parties from now to eternity. There's enough kitchen literature here to make your eyeballs' mouths water.