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  • Shopping Secrets - Retrostar Vintage Clothing, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Retrostar Vintage Clothing

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Mens and womens clothing, shoes and accessories are all covered at Retrostar – one of the largest temples to recycled chic in the city.

  • Shopping Secrets - Provider Trainers, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Provider Trainers

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Some women blanch at the suggestion that Manolo Blahniks are ‘just shoes’. Sneaker collectors are similarly obsessive, scouring the world and the web ...

  • Lady Petrova, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Lady Petrova

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Find quirky ethereal and elegant bespoke creations that are equally functional and feminine at this super cute fashion boutique behind Flinders Lane.

  • Life with Bird, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Slip into ultra modern, ultra chic clothing and accesories by Melbourne designer duo Bridget McCall and Nicholas Van Messner. Think modern classics.

  • Louise Macdonald, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Photo: Kristina Kingston

    Louise Macdonald

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Adorn your crown with a striking piece by this pro milliner, with your choice pillbox, beret or cloche creation guaranteed to turn heads.

  • Serena Lindeman, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Serena Lindeman

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Adopt the adage that the hat maketh the occasion and adorn your bonce in Serena Lindeman's thoroughly modern millinery, or discover her DIY secrets.

  • The Golden Age, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    The Golden Age

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Glam up with hand-tailored made-to-measure vintage women's clothing in styles from the mid-1930s to late 1950s. Think tweed suits and Penvil dresses.

  • Christine, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Drape yourself in decadent pieces from this basement boudoir housing Australia's leading accessories retailer and the city's exclusive Lanvin stockist....

  • Claude Maus, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Credit: Ben King

    Claude Maus

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Define inner-city Melbourne style with black, layered jersey, stretch denim and perforated leather. This flagship store echoes the brand's sinister cool....

  • Aesop Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Aesop Flinders Lane

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Expect an inspiring olfactory response to this minimalist, eco-minded beauty and skincare range, housed in a much-talked-about wholly cardboard fit-out....