Poster art in front of a sign for Von Haus in Crossley Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Crossley Street

There's great comfort to be had in knowing places like Crossley Steet still exist, with the venerable Pellegrini's standing guard over long-term tenants and rotating newcomers plying everything from bespoke shirts to vintage curios.

Readying refreshments
Orientate yourself over an espresso from Pellegrini's with a watermelon granita chaser. If you can see Paperback Books opposite, you're in the right place.

You're probably ready for a glass of top-shelf vino selected by an approachable sommelier. Squeeze into Von Haus, greet the neighbour whose knee you're almost perching on and choose something off the snacks menu.

Self-contained shopping
A rare treat for shoppers is that both sexes are catered for on Crossley Street. Fancy fellas can Collar Charles Edward, Master Shirtmaker or C. Maimone Tailor for some tailored threads, and get a no-nonsense short back n' sides from Windsor Hair Salon.  Ladies can look the part with designer dresses from Blonde Venus. Drool over display jewels at Gallery Funaki.

Dive into De Mille and lose yourself among Art Deco lamps, antique toys, sixties figurines, marcasite and bakelite.

Dining decisions
Now you'll need to decide if you're in the mood for hatted fine dining (Becco), ceremony-less plates of carbs (Pellegrini's) or Asian street food dripping with style (Gingerboy).

Gingerboy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Modelled on the street kitchens of South-East Asia, Teage Ezard's hip restaurant is less rustic authenticity and more opulent interpretation.

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Lucy Folk, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Lucy Folk

Stop by Crossley Street to check out whimsical works by Lucy Folk a homegrown talent with a global presence. Did we mention Beyonce's a customer?

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Shopping Secrets - De Mille, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

De Mille Decorative & Fine Arts

An ever-changing assortment of glassware, ceramics, memorabilia, clothes and furnishings from Murano vases and rare perfume bottles to cigar boxes.

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Shopping Secrets - Blonde Venus, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Blonde Venus

Designer Marietta Marlow produces designs blending new and vintage textiles to achieve a look that is at once contemporary and timeless.

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Pellegrini's, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Do your bit to ensure Pellegrini's gets to its centenary as it's a known fact Melbourne would be poorer without its charm and comforting Italian food.

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