Shopping: Crossley Street

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  • Gallery Funaki
  • Shopping Secrets - De Mille, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    De Mille Decorative & Fine Arts

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    An ever-changing assortment of glassware, ceramics, memorabilia, clothes and furnishings from Murano vases and rare perfume bottles to cigar boxes.

  • Shopping Secrets - Blonde Venus, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Blonde Venus

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Designer Marietta Marlow produces designs blending new and vintage textiles to achieve a look that is at once contemporary and timeless.

  • The Paperback Bookshop, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    The Paperback Bookshop

    Attraction - Melbourne, Melbourne

    Quiet, intriguing and always up late – everything you want in a city bookstore. Pick up Australian fiction, poetry, classics, politics and lots more.