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Chinese Paper-cut Inspired Paste up Street Art

03 9188 3681

Until 30 Apr 2017

Melbourne is one of the street art capitals of the world. The buildings are covered with great art and the iconic bluestone laneways are lined with murals.

Back for the third time, Bluestonia Paperhood is using work from the acknowledged master of Chinese papercut art Zhou Yun Hua.

Brunswick artist Philip Faulks, whose recent work has been inspired by traditional papercut, is working with Zhou Bing, the son of Zhou Yun Hua and a traditional Chinese papercut artist himself, to reinterpret Chinese papercut and create large scale contemporary black and white paste up street art that creates the feeling of walking through the streets of Jiangsu.

The paste ups will be installed at RMIT, Swanston Street, Melbourne CBD in time for White Night Melbourne on Saturday 18 February and at Neo Metro Café, 15A Union St Brunswick, near Jewell Station, prior to the official opening of Bluestonia Paperhood on Friday 24 February.

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