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The Home Within - Melbourne Festival

03 96 624 242

21 Oct 2016, 22 Oct 2016, 23 Oct 2016

The Home Within
Chiharu Shiota

Australian Exclusive

Step inside a structure that combines the weight of architecture and the ephemerality of organic life. Weblike lines of textured red string pulse like a billion veins, but en masse they form walls as straight and solid as a slide-rule. Are the borders between this building’s exterior and interior any more reliable than our own?

For the first time in Melbourne, experience the bewitching work of Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, whose infinitely intricate installations pluck at the strands connecting our built world and less tangible selves—our criss-crossed pasts and networked futures.

Make yourself at home.

The Home Within will debut at Deakin Edge on Thu 06 October before embarking on a journey around the city, closing at Melbourne Town Hall on Sun 23 October.

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