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Paper Pusher - Philip Faulks

03 9662 9966

22 Jul 2017, 22 Jul 2017

Philip Faulks continues to develop his intricate large scale paper cuts and drawings to explore personal history, ancestry and psychology in his latest exhibition Paper Pusher. In an age where the boundaries of the imagination appear to be increasingly policed by the protocols of compliance, and its assiduous documentation, Faulks’ engagement with the material of paper is deepened to explore bureaucracy, institutional power, and the influence of organisations on our everyday lives and our sense of self.

Paper Pusher follows on from Faulks' successful exhibition There's A Ghost In My House at JavaArts Gallery in Phnom Penh in January, and in March Bluestonia Paperhood, a collaboration with Chinese artist Zhou Bing of paper cut based paste up images, shown on the streets Melbourne to great acclaim.

Through his assured use of pattern, ornament, repetition and symbolism combined with cutting, incising and mark making that references both Western and Eastern traditions, Faulks subtly draws our attention to the ambiguous qualities of paper.

Paper Pusher has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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