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Recentre; Sisters is an exhibition that shares the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female artists that recentre her-stories, subverting patriarchal Australia from a sovereign woman’s standpoint. Themes of cultural revival, activism and healing are woven through this exhibition highlighting the many roles women play in supporting a healthy community and to maintain culture and family.

Historical legacies are subverted to form new imaginings of what matriarchal futures may look like, highlighting the importance of sisterhood in the health and well-being of First Nations women. Bringing together new and existing work that voice Aboriginal women's roles in activism, healthy communities and cultural maintenance, centring on matriarchal narratives and celebrating sisterhood.

Recentre; Sisters brings together the work of artists Paola Balla, Hannah Bronte, Tara-Rose Butterworth-Gonebale, Destiny Deacon, Hannah Gutchen, Lorraine Connelly-Northey, Lee Darroch and Kimba Thomson.

Curated by Kimberley Moulton.

Content: City of Melbourne - Arts & Culture