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The Flock - Georgia Laughton

03 99 958 643

Until 6 Oct 2016

The Flock is a exhibition of works by Georgia Laughton from three different series of artwork comprising of paintings and lithographs -Noah’s Ark v2.0, Carrion Birds, and Feathers.

Noah’s Art v2.0 is Georgia’s interpretation of single animals with gas masks loading onto the next ark due to human’s destruction of the planet.

Carrion Birds - The carrion birds feast upon the death and destruction once again caused by humans, this time in the form of road-kill.

Feathers is a collection of painting and lithographs inspired by a variety of basic needs - the need for a home, support as well as solitude and

The works combine to reflect the uncertainty of our common future. the possibility of joy rests in one painting and sits alongside the possibility of the end of the world. death for one allows for the survival of another. The quest of a nest to call one’s own – be it on an ark or a tree.

Join in for opening drinks from 6:00pm until 8:30pm on Friday 23 September.


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  • Suitable for guests with sufficient mobility to climb two or three steps, but would benefit from fixtures and fittings to aid balance