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Tomo Campbell - 'If you know how to get here, come'

03 9326 3006

29 Nov 2017, 6 Dec 2017, 10 Dec 2017

London based oil painter Tomo Campbell explores tensions between familiarity and mystery in a style both intricate and abstract.

Depicting in his works themes such as hunting, parades and explorers, Campbell presents free-flowing narratives which deny singular readings. Such themes, though traditional, are looked at through Campbell's unique lens which seeks to investigate the liminal space between the known and unknown.

The artist's handling of his medium is gestural and filled with movement. It appears intuitive and playful, yet, in fusing abstract and figurative forms, speaks to a serious contemplation of how we perceive flux and transience in our everyday world.

These issues of knowing, not knowing, and ephemerality, in relation to themes about movement, seeking and discovery are synthesised by Campbell's harmonious use of line, colour and form. His works are without devices such as linear perspective or singular focal points, and hence, deny a logical reading of space. This all-over effect draws viewers in, inviting their engagement in resolving the constitution of Campbell’s narratives. What this harmony and lack of spatial delineation ultimately evoke are dreamscapes into which viewers can submerge themselves and experience Campbell's tangible marks as describing feelings of mystery, familiarity and revelation.


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