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Inside a seed is a plant’s entire life. As it grows it is not tempted to deviate from its programmed existence; in harmony with its environment, a rose effortlessly expresses its beauty and a tree its strength.

As we grow, human beings are not tied to a pre-set plan. We are able to shape our destiny beyond the predetermined aspects of our biological make-up. There are so many paths available to us in our immediate environment. Yet somewhere along that free will we can make choices that misguide us from our true nature.

Eliza Cameron’s exhibition Twisted Tales is a series of surreal paintings expressing the dramatic dance between immense, sometimes disillusioning, ‘free will’ and our murky true nature. And on a greater scale the extent to which our actions impact the environment.

Eliza Cameron is a Melbourne-based artist who is represented in private collections around Australia. She was a 2014 Archibald Prize finalist, the 2005 Top Arts winner, and has exhibited extensively in Melbourne.

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