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Woodlands | Emerging Artist Group Exhibition

0414 736 659

Until 22 Aug 2017

Woodlands presented by in.cube8r is an exhibition featuring a diverse group of artists exploring the wonder of what lies outside the cities.

When you spend all your time in cosmopolitan cities, it can be hard to take a breather and remember there’s a whole wide world of nature just a short trip away. in.cube8r invited artists to bring the woodlands to the city, be it through depictions of Redwood forests, luscious ferns or the critters that spend their time in the outdoors.

Come and take a walk into the wilderness with in.cube8r and let’s see where you end up.

Featuring works by Sophie Angelica, Deiter Barry, Kat Niclis, Kim Jane, Sophie Perez, Rebecca Amore,Alice Kent, Birgit Jordan , Susan Raheb, Sarah Donnison, Kathy Willmott, Teena Germano (GErMano Arts Handcrafted Jewellery), Clare Davidson (Skadi Jewellery),Faerie Sarah (Handmade Wonderland) and Natalie Taylor (Creatures of Nat.

Curated by Elle-May Michael.

Opening drinks 6:00pm 10 August 2017.


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  • Suitable for guests with sufficient mobility to climb two or three steps, but would benefit from fixtures and fittings to aid balance