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Zac Koukoravas: Blue Lines

03 9654 3332

Until 26 Aug 2017

Melbourne-based artist Zac Koukoravas creates kaleidoscopic abstract paintings, sculptures and multimedia works. Colour and form play a key role in the aesthetics of his work featuring fragmented geometric arrangements. Embedded within his practice are a diverse range of cultural references including graffiti, electronic music, architecture and our relation to natural and urban environments.

His current exhibition, Blue Lines, is inspired by nightlife in Melbourne. Darkness equalizes everything – clearing the landscape of detail and context; filling it with the unknown where buildings become rectangular shapes and trees become amorphous masses. An uneasy emotional response is triggered when dusk falls and night blankets us with darkness. The imagination takes over and fears manifest.

In his recent paintings, Koukoravas has utilised a range of spray-painting techniques on multiple sides and layers of glass and acrylic sheets to create striking geometric configurations that play with refraction. His luminous paintings give the illusion of three-dimensional depth because the flat application sits on different levels of glass and acrylic panels. His new works layer panels to create complexity, multiplicity, depth and illusion.


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