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Cities can be sites for self-discovery and transformation; they are also constantly in the process of becoming. Urban codemaking is a framework for decoding and reimagining cities, a programming language for urban space that marks locations in the city using codes enabling multiple alternate readings of that city - by machines, humans, and other entities.

In this workshop, you will learn about urban codemaking - a hybrid street art practice for wayfinding in mixed realities. You will create your own urban code and then explore local streets to find it a semi-permanent home. Processes of fieldwork and documentation will also be explored with the outcomes of the workshop shared on social media.

The project is suited to people 14 years or over.

What to bring - comfortable shoes and be prepared for the great outdoors as there will be some walking required to find your tagging places. You will also need a fully charged smartphone.

Content: Bayside City Council

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  • Non smoking establishment
  • Public toilet

  • Suitable for guests who depend on the use of a wheelchair in a seated position at all times