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Discover the best of pork at this delectable event.

Take part in a tasty pairing of Pork and Pinot Noir, at David's Restaurant. Enjoy a delicious three-course meal that’s expertly paired with handpicked Pinot Noirs from around the world.

Right in the heart of Prahran, David’s is best known for it’s tasty yum cha and delectable pork. Wine expert Bela Rice will guide you through the food and Pinot Noir matching, and be available to answer any questions you have.

Get ready for a fun, informative event with friends.

Important: Please don’t drive. You will be poured seven glasses each with 75ml pours, which is a total of 525ml or 5.25 standard drinks. If you drink everything that is poured for you, you will be over 0.05% and over the limit. Martin Peston's Wine Tasting Events promotes the Responsible Serving of Alcohol.

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  • Non smoking establishment
  • Restaurant - licensed