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It's a given that food tastes better when it's eaten in the fresh air, when it feels a bit exclusive, and when you can pick 'n mix from a range of different cuisines. That's what makes Trailer Park such a treat. It's an occasional pop-up outdoor food court made up of some of the most popular food trucks from the city's streets. Settign up shop for just one weekend in July and one weekend in August, Trailer Park gives you the chance to sample a range of food truck fare in one location without the effort of chasing multiple trucks across town. Add a full bar, some seating and a fully heated indoor dining hall and that's lunch and dinner covered.

On Saturday 19 July and Sunday 20 July you can make your own menu from Greek Street Food, Beatbox Kitchen, Rue de Creperie and the Korean Fried Chicken Truck on its very first outing.

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