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Bakery Hill Distillery Whisky Masterclass - The Bakery Hill Range

03 9761 7216

24 Apr 2018

There is a whole world of excitement waiting to be discovered. Why not let David and Andrew Baker, Head Distiller and founders of Bakery Hill Distillery guide you through the often confusing aspects of whisky production as well as the unique flavours and scents of Single Malt Whisky.

Let Master Distiller David Baker walk you through the basics of Whisky appreciation. The ultimate tour, sipping our way through all of our unique malts produced right here in Victoria.

Perfect for whisky novices and experienced enjoyers alike.

Your ticket includes six samples of premium whisky per session, along with gourmet nibbles, and two hours of engaging whisky stories and chat.

Bakery Hill is the longest established Single Malt Whisky Distillery in mainland Australia. Based in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Bakery Hill has long been regarded as 'The Dark Horse' of the Australian Whisky industry. The distillery was honoured to receive the award of the 'Best Small Distillery Whisky in the World' by the Whisky Bible in 2005.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about whisky production and of course tasting from the actual founder and distillers from a globally recognised single malt whisky distillery.

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