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Saturday Session: Whisky and Shine

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24 Mar 2018

Join Southern Whisky Trails on an afternoon journey of Victoria’s distilling history and craft whisky revival.

This tour will introduce you to the whisky-making process and Melbourne’s thriving whisky culture. Enjoy an afternoon of whisky and shine, bringing together talented distillers and award-winning whiskies to discover stories about the past, present and future of whisky in Victoria.

Start at the Whisky Den, a Japanese-inspired bar in the centre of Melbourne, followed by a visit to two Melbourne distilleries.

The tour will include over 10 tastings of whisky and grain spirit throughout the afternoon, including: a boilermaker (whisky and beer) or highball (whisky and soda) upon commencement of the tour; a comprehensive tour of the whisky-making process and sampling of whiskies at Bakery Hill Distillery; discounted purchases for whisky on the day; a tour of Melbourne Moonshine distillery, tastings and delicious gourmet treats; a boilermaker upon completion of the tour; and transport to/from Bakery Hill Distillery in a luxury van.

Tour group will be limited to 12.

Meet at the Whisky Den at 1:00pm. The tour will end at Melbourne Moonshine Company at 6:30pm.

All participants must be over 18 years old.

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