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Unusual Wine Varieties & Cheese Matching by the Experts

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5 Aug 2017

Get ready to embark on new tastes that you have never experienced before.

Have you ever wondered what other varietals of wine taste like but have never left your comfort zone to try them? Curious?

Treat yourself to a tasting of six varietals of wines from around the world, matched with a selection of stunning (and surprising) cheeses at Milk the Cow this month.

Resident wine expert, Bela, has 30 years’ experience as a wine educator and wine judge. He has carefully sourced the pinot noir wines.

Important: Please don’t drive. You will be poured six glasses each with 75ml pours, which is a total of 450ml or 4.5 standard drinks. If you drink everything that is poured for you, you will be over 0.05% and over the limit. Martin Peston's Wine Tasting Events promotes the Responsible Serving of Alcohol.

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  • Non smoking establishment
  • Restaurant - licensed