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Curator Tour: The Blood Tub exhibition

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11 Apr 2017

In early 1917 Australian soldiers fought two battles at Bullecourt in France. So ferocious were they that Australian soldiers renamed the town ‘The blood tub.’ The first action fought on 11 April was a complete disaster, the second (3 – 17 May) a hollow victory at best. German General Eric Ludendorff later wrote of the Arras campaign, of which the Bullecourt battles were part—‘no doubt exceedingly important strategic objects lay behind the British attack, but I have never been able to discover what they were.’

Neil Sharkey, Shrine Curator, will take guests on a tour of the Blood Tub exhibition to explore how poor planning and disastrous mechanical failures lead to more than 10,000 casualties and over 1,000 Australians taken prisoner.

Content: Shrine of Remembrance

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