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Does better understanding the mistakes of our past encourage us to build a peaceful future?

The Shrine was created to ensure that the sacrifices of Victorians during the First World War would never be lost on future generations. It has also served as a place of public and private remembrance for all conflicts since.

The Shrine is not simply a monument to loss or a place to reflect on our history as a nation—it also provides a space to analyse the events, motivations and consequences of conflict. It encourages us to look forward.

The United Nations, NGOs and visionary individuals are all working towards eliminating world conflict and providing aid to people touched by war. The Shrine has taken some exciting steps in recent years to highlight these efforts, including the development of a dedicated Peace Gallery. But can war memorials play a larger role in fostering reconciliation? Are we doing all that we can to encourage the community to think critically about the choices before us?

Join a panel comprising a young veteran, an academic, a peace theorist and a curator to explore these questions.

Content: Shrine of Remembrance

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