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This event will be a celebration of the completion of Carmel Wallace's community art installation Refuge, created in the gardens of Billilla mansion.

Refuge will be taken from Billilla and installed at Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre to provide a final opportunity to hear the stories, view the final creative interpretation and reflect on the importance of open space and what our gardens mean to us.

Refuge will be a large installation woven with pine-needles that have fallen from the Canary Island pine in Billilla mansion gardens. Viewers will be able to experience it visually from the outside before entering its enclosed, protective inner-space.

A conclusion to the project will be delivered which will include:

A concluding statement by the artist;
A photographic documentation of the progressive work;
A panel of story tellers and invited experts from a variety of fields who will lead discussions with the larger audience, topics will include:
Stories about the Canary Island pine and other trees in the gardens;
The effect of the Brighton Cyclone to the area;
Creative interpretations and stories by the workshop attendees;
An informal afternoon tea.

Content: Bayside City Council

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  • Suitable for guests who depend on the use of a wheelchair in a seated position at all times