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The Festival of Death and Dying

9 - 10 Sep 2017

The Festival of Death and Dying focuses on some interesting questions. Is death a finality or simply part of a continuum?

Dance with the greatest unknown when the two-day Festival of Death and Dying comes to Melbourne for the first time.

The Festival of Death and Dying brings workshops, performances, talks and ceremonies on a huge range of topics, including Share My Coffin with performance maker Allan Schacher, Dressing for Death with fashion designer Pia Interlandi, and End of Life Dreams and Visions with palliative care doctor Michael Barbato.

The festival is part of a broader social change surrounding death, which includes “green” burials, not-for-profit funeral homes and death midwifery. These encompass the notion that proximity to death can make us feel alive, and that life and death are not separate, but intertwined.

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Price & booking


Type Entry cost
All inclusive $179 (low income), $275 (regular income), one day $125
$125.00 - $179.00