Public art in Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Photo, Ben King.
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Celebrate everyday living at a variety of Melbourne events that cater for everyone.

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Melbourne Womens Expo

Melbourne's Women's Expo & Conference: GO Festival

6 - 7 Feb 2016

Ascot Vale

From $15 - $15

GO Festival is a celebration of women of all ages, so come along for a day of fun, relaxation, information and enlightenment. There will be...

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Melbourne's Microbats

Melbourne's Microbats!

27 Nov 2015, 4 Dec 2015, 18 Dec 2015, 8 Jan 2016


From $95 - $95

Just to give you a background into who Earthwatch are and what they do. They are an environmental not for profit that work alongside todays leading...

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