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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Hero of Heresy

0420 844 200

7 Apr 2017

Infidel. Heretic. Apostate. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has courted controversy over her years in the public eye, earning widespread criticism amongst the liberal left and death threats from the religious right.

As the polemic around Islam intensifies around the world, reformers and secularists have been struggling to be heard amidst the racism of the far-right, the inertia of the regressive left and death threats from hardline Islamists. Into this fray, Hirsi Ali asks where the tolerance ends if its result is an acceptance of human rights abuses.

Doors open at 6:00PM; the event starts at 7:00PM. This event will consist of a 20-minute lecture by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, followed by a 40-minute conversation with a local host. The event ends at 8:30PM.

The meet and greet will take place after the main event within the same venue. Meet and greet ticket holders will be directed to the meet and greet area. The meet and greet ends at 9:50PM.

Before purchasing, please review your ticket choice as all student tickets require a student ID.

There will be merchandise sold at the event.


Price & booking


Type Entry cost
Ticket prices are plus booking fees. Patrons with disabilities and their carers must contact Administration directly to purchase tickets on (03) 9329 9699.
$69.00 - $249.00