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Mention any of the Southern Cross Rally events from forty to fifty years ago, and immediately a great deal of interest is generated - possibly more than would be expected from an event which ran for just fifteen years.

What many of the past competitors and enthusiasts do not realise is the type of road event competition known as 'rallying' back then fits with today's requirements for those touring road events where the regulations specify they will utilise 'special tests (or tests of skill) other than speed'.

In a rally, competitors would attempt to 'clean sheet' the competitive sections by taking less than the "Time Allowed" (always set at averages of 80 km/h or less). Needless to say, they lost points for lateness on the winding roads.

In the touring road events of today, competitors' performances are scored according to how closely they match the 'Average Speed' that is set for each of the predetermined sections of roadway along the course.

The CAMS Manuals of old stated that a car rally was a competition intended to challenge the performance and reliability of a vehicle and test the skills employed by both the driver and the navigator during the event.

You are guaranteed to be challenged on the road during the 2016 Southern Cross Rally Festival TRE.

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