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Blaque Showgirls

03 9685 5111

Until 4 Dec 2016

Blaque Showgirls is not your standard sexploitation story. Ginny is a white-skinned 'blaque' girl who dreams of becoming the best Aboriginal dancer in the glitzy clubs of Brisvegas. Bullied for the fairness of her skin and belittled by judges at her Blaque Showgirls audition, Ginny begins to doubt that she will ever perform her 'Peking Emu' on stage.

That is, until the Asian hostess of Kum Den shows her there is more than one way to make a buck out of cultural tourism. Ginny's big break is just around the corner and there's
 a bedazzled dot-painting jumpsuit in her colour after all.

Blaque Showgirls deftly flips the dance
film genre on its head in a satirical take
on cinematic clichés. Created by the writer behind Blak Cabaret and ABC's Black Comedy, this is a street-smart satire that cashes in on cultural tourism.

Content: Malthouse Theatre

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$35.00 - $65.00

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