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Kirsty Webeck is returning to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2017 with her brand new show, 'Good One'.

Kirsty wrestles with what it means to be a good person. She looks at the times that she wasn't at her best, from deciding as a six year old to rebel and horrify her mum's friend, to stinking out a tent with a dubious object in year 10 and denying all knowledge of it. 'Good One' puts society under the microscope and addresses what we can do to be a good person now.

Based in Melbourne, the stand up comedian is taking the country by storm. In a short three-year period, Kirsty has become a successful touring comedian and performed alongside some of the biggest names in Australian comedy. She's winning hearts around Australia with her polite humour, gift for story-telling and rancid habit of accidentally licking the microphone.

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