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Sammy J and Randy Land

15 - 17 Dec 2016

Roll up, roll up.

Sammy J and Randy Land is back and open for business, with new dates announced for December 2016.

After abruptly closing its gates in April pending a work safe investigation, Sammy J launched his hit election series playground politcis. Randy was nominated for the biggest comedy award in the world at the Edinburgh Fringe, and their acclaimed sitcom Ricketts Lane began screening on Netflix UK and NBC Seeso in the USA.

But that doesn’t come close to the excitement of reopening their own theme park , Sammy J and Randy Land.

Haunted ghost trains, velociraptor petting zoos, and the infamous Sphincter Popping Water Slide - what could possibly go wrong?

With various solo projects keeping Sammy J and Randy a safe distance from one another in 2017, now is your last chance to see them live in the much-anticipated return of their latest sell-out theatrical adventure.

Content: Buxton Walker

Price & booking


Type Entry cost
$34.70 - $42.85