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The Cult of Comedy presents an hour of tasters from musicians, clowns and wordmongers of all flavours, local and international, showcasing the best the Festival has to offer.

The idea behind The Cult has always been to have a mixed and varied bill of performers, creating a space in which both performers and audience have a wonderful time, laugh a lot and leave with a sense of well being and joy.

There will be a varied bill of performers every night, from all around the Festival. The hosting of the show will be shared by Sameena Zehra and Lisa Skye.

The Cult of Comedy was created and is run by Sameena Zehra, who is a comedian, storyteller, Blues singer/songwriter and director. It is a nomadic show, lurching from Festival to Fringe around the world, and has sold out at Brighton Fringe 2015/2016 and Edinburgh Fringe 2016. The Cult also hosts full hour shows of Fringe and Festival previews in its hometown venue, The Blue Man, a venue Sameena also curated for Brighton Fringe 2016.

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