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At one end is birth, at the other is death. Everything in between is just dancing.

Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras
Australian Exclusive

Flamenco is in the blood of Sara Baras: since her earliest lessons as a child taught by her mother, she has channelled the energies that have led her to the most prestigious stages in the world today. A cultural icon in Spain, the first lady of flamenco marries ferocious footwork with flowing grace.

Steeped in tradition but drawn in countless directions by influences across history, flamenco is a form as restless and irresistible as the spirit of its homeland. Voces is Baras’ salute to the maestros who have shaped her gift, and a tribute to the art of flamenco itself.

Featuring 14 dancers and musicians, this lavish, large-scale production will lead you back to where it all begins: the human heart.

Content: Melbourne Festival

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$25.00 - $109.00

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