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Jenny and Elias, a young Brooklyn couple on the edge, arrive late one evening at a kitschy civil war-themed bed and breakfast in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Dotted with knick-knacks and trinkets that have a mind of their own, they can’t help the feeling that they are being watched. Not just by their host Mertis and her eccentric friend Genevieve, but by the countless dolls and figurines that occupy their spooky lodgings.

A ghost tale and a love story, this mesmerising new play from Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Annie Baker finds truth in the awkward moments, beauty in the missed opportunities and poignancy in the intimate silences. Helen Morse (Frozen), Melita Jurisic (Mad Max: Fury Road), Johnny Carr (What Rhymes with Cars and Girls) and Ursula Mills (Kryptonite) star in this Australian Premiere directed by MTC Associate Director Sarah Goodes (Switzerland).

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