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The Merchant Of Venice

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23 Jul 2017, 25 Jul 2017, 26 Jul 2017

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27 Jul 2017, 28 Jul 2017, 29 Jul 2017, 29 Jul 2017, 30 Jul 2017

Bell Shakespeare brings The Merchant Of Venice to Arts Centre Melbourne.

Money makes the world go around. Portia has it. Bassanio wants it. Shylock lends it. Antonio owes the value of it.

Love also plays a part. Portia offers it. Bassanio wants it. Antonio may lose a pound of flesh for it.

This uncompromising production explores the tense relationship and prejudices between those that have, and those that don’t. Dark in its humour and bawdy in its romantic hijinks, The Merchant Of Venice takes audiences on a journey of love, mercy and justice.

More than 400 years after The Merchant Of Venice was written, the taut line between religious law or secular society, righteousness or compassion, tolerance or hate, is still present today.
Featuring three-time Helpmann Award Winner, Mitchell Butel (Janet King and Rake) as the defiant Shylock, and Jessica Tovey (Wolf Creek and Wonderland) as Portia, the production is directed by Anne-Louise Sarks (Belvoir’s Jasper Jones and Medea).

This masterfully envisioned production tackles the biases and preconceived notions of one of Shakespeare’s most challenging plays.


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