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Saunter into the sleek white and royal blue fit-out, complete with terrazzo tiles and brass, and ready yourself for some seriously fine brunching.


Mart 130

Just try making up your mind from a breakfast menu boasting all the well-made favourites, served up in the station master's building at tram stop 130.


Auction Rooms

You can't bid on the furniture, but the warmly industrial setting, coffee buzz and full stomach will make you feel like you made the winning bid.


The Little Mule

Your two-wheeler might be single speed, but thanks to the killer coffee and homestyle cooking at The Little Mule, you'll be running on all cylinders.


Gelato Messina

Come and worship at the ornate spiritual home of gelato, Messina. A visit here is like a pilgrimage to where Melbourne's new era of ice-cream began.


Self Preservation

Sip tea or manually extracted coffee and daintily munch pastries while you browse gleaming jewels at this gallery-cafe-bar. How very, very Melbourne.


Cromwell Streat

Set up in some seriously classy digs thanks to a cut-price lease deal, Cromwell Street is the latest STREAT eatery and definitely the shiniest.



Squeeze into Smith Street's tiny, temporary Chotto and experience a faultless Japanese ryokan-style breakfast and tea ceremony, Melbourne style.


De Clieu

Allow plenty of time for just soaking up the atmosphere at De Clieu, made better by the thoughtful food options and of course, house roasted coffee.


Dukes at Ross House

With sustainability at the heart of Dukes, it makes sense that the coffee roasters would set up in Ross House to bring coffee to the masses.


New York Tomato

Have your own 'aha' moment when you note this cosy café's situation at the corner of New and York streets, from whence it serves reliably good brunch.


Jardin Tan

Stop by on your next lap of the Tan, during a botanical ramble with friends, or for a long, lazy lunch of dynamic French-Vietnamese fare.


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