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Smith & Gertrude streets trail

Get the lay of the land from Easey's rooftop while munching on a Melbourne Madness burger (there's potato cake and dim sim within). Swoop down to Bar Liberty for an interesting wine or the Rochester Hotel for beer and a game of pool. Double back and head south on Smith Street, past relaxed, contemporary Saint Crispin and with a short (daytime) detour to Proud Mary. Back on Smith Street, pop your head in to the absurdly colourful Hotel Jesus (Mexican taqueria) and creative, spirited IDES. Turn right at Gertrude Street and consider Belles Hot Chicken (fried and spicy chook, downstairs) and The Everleigh (exceptionally polished cocktail bar, upstairs) before finishing at classy wine bar Marion. 3km

  1. Easey's
    Burgers in a train carriage on a roof.
  2. Bar Liberty
    Quality drinking from near and far served with erudite enthusiasm.
  3. Rochester Hotel
    Pub values (cheerful, cheap, chatty) with quality food and booze.
  4. Saint Crispin
    Thoughtful modern restaurant with Euro underpinnings and Australian flavours.
  5. Proud Mary
    Quintessential Melbourne cafe: great coffee and food, warehouse setting.
  6. Hotel Jesus
    Bright Mexican tostaderia and taqueria (Taco Wey too).
  7. IDES
    Next-generation dining; creative, spirited, tasty.
  8. Belle's Hot Chicken
    Fried chicken, natural wine, vinyl spinning, diner seating.
  9. The Everleigh
    Exceptionally polished cocktail lounge; superlative drinking.
  10. Marion
    Wine bar extraordinaire.

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