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Play Melbourne - Create your own playlist
Play Melbourne - Create your own playlist
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Melbourne is a creative, exciting, ever-changing city with extraordinary surprises to be discovered in every basement, rooftop and laneway. There are plenty of twists and turns to take and surprises to unfold, so play on! Take a chance, roll the dice and see where it leads you.

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...bars, fine food, summer events and high fashion

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Fashion Genius

Step into The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier this spring.

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Huxtaburger, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Go for straight-up US-style burgers, or hit the speakeasy for ribs, pulled pork and crab snacks.

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Play Melbourne – Coffee

Brother Baba Budan

Among the alleys on Little Bourke St, Brother Baba Budan serves the city with a caffeine hit.

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Play Melbourne – Bars

Bar Di Stasio

Get your fix of Aperol spritz, and grappa to follow a ragu — slid across the marble bar to you.

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Saint Crispin, Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Saint Crispin

Make an ordinary night special with Saint Crispin's seasonal menu and fine attention to detail.

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Emporium Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Emporium Melbourne

Emporium Melbourne is home to a host of Australian-firsts, including long-awaited global brands.

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Play Melbourne

Von Haus, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Meet the players

Curious about the favourite hideouts of local Melbourne personalities? Find out who's playing Melbourne.

Grossi Florentino, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures, a fact reflected in its restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars.

Sweatshop, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Duck into Melbourne's famed laneways, scamper up some stairs and take a tipple in an inimitable bar.

Luluc, Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. Image courtesy: Carbie Warbie

Live music

Melbourne features an ever-changing number of trendy clubs, bars and live music venues.

Lucy Folk, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Find out where to start your fashion, jewellery, furniture or fine art shopping spree.

Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Art and culture

Melbourne is home to world-class arts and cultural heritage institutions, and community events.



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