Naked for Satan, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Meet the players

Curious about the favourite hideouts of local Melbourne personalities and other intriguing characters? Find out who's playing Melbourne.

Meet Andrew McConnell, chef

Meet Andrew McConnell

Andrew McConnell’s restaurants have propelled him to the forefront of this city’s culinary consciousness. He talks about the food that makes this town tick.

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Meet Bridget McCall, one of the design duo behind LIFEwithBIRD

Bridget McCall

One of the designers behind fashion label LIFEwithBIRD and a proud Melburnian, Bridget McCall knows where to go to find the city's best fashion.

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Meet Guy Grossi, chef

Guy Grossi

Leading Australian chef, presenter and media personality Guy Grossi has a passion for life, food and his hometown of Melbourne.

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Meet Patrick Donovan, CEO of Music Victoria

Patrick Donovan

CEO of Music Victoria, Patrick Donovan tells us about the local scene and why he thinks music is inextricably linked to Melbourne’s culture.

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Meet Sean Carey, drummer with Bon Iver

Sean Carey

Drummer with folk band Bon Iver, Sean Carey takes time out of a busy touring schedule to share with us his favourite Melbourne moments.

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